Tater Breakfast Bombs

Hoppy Easter! While you’re probably full of honey baked ham, deviled eggs, and jellybeans, it only makes sense that dinner is something just as delicious but maybe a little lighter. While these breakfast bombs are the perfect way to start a day, I’d also eat them for dinner too 🙂

Tater Breakfast Bombs (Inspired by Damn Delicious)

Serves 2 humans


Tater Breakfast Bombs

  • 16 Tater Rounds – do not use Tater Tots! (also, the number is specific because we each had 8)
    • It helps to have them not super frozen – maybe leave the bag out for 5-10 minutes before making these
  • 6 pieces of bacon – yes you’ll have extra and yes you will eat it and be extremely happy
  • small block of cheese – we used colby jack, cut into small strips
  • 2 eggs
  • pinch of salt
  • pepper to your liking
  • 1 tbsp parsley flakes
  • 1 tbsp red pepper flakes
  • toothpicks


1. Pre-heat your oven to 400° and cut your cheese as so:


2. Cut your bacon as so:


3. Combine eggs, salt, pepper, parsley, and red pepper flakes in a small bowl – whisk together:


4. Dunk your tater rounds in to the egg mixture and let them soak for about 20-30 seconds on both sides:



5. On a parchment paper lined cookie sheet, place your strips of bacon a couple of inches apart. Put a dunked round on one side of your bacon strip (makes it easier to roll and cover it with the bacon):


6. Top it with a cheese slice:


7. Roll the bacon and cheese tot until it is completely covered – stick a toothpick through it. If the tots are too frozen, use your muscles!


8. Bake these little cuties for 20-25 minutes until the bacon is a little brown and crispy but not burned…and then devour them in approximately 1 minute. You will wish you had made more so you might as well double the recipe!








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