ramblin’ with quinn: one

Things I don’t understand:

– How my refrigerator goes from being incredibly full to being basically empty so dang quickly. Besides the essentials (almond milk, eggs, cheese, condiments, yogurt, Hy-Vee bacon lover’s ham, bacon, and beer…), I really only have nothing. I cry. And that’s a lie. I have other things – I have some carrots that aren’t snappy anymore, I have some soup that is I don’t know how old, and I have well, that is about it. My life.

– Why I do not currently own this from Three Potato Four:

– How I supposedly resemble an Armenian according to this “Which Nationality do you look like” quiz? I’d be curious to know what you resemble. Another option was a Scandinavian Princess – I was hoping I’d get that one.

Things I do understand:

– How I should take the bacon lover’s ham mentioned up there ^ and make this. Hy-Vee is the best. Did you know that you can pretty much make anything on a waffle maker? Fact. Cinnamon rolls, grilled cheese, cookies. I really need to experiment more.

– It is perfectly acceptable to hoard succulents.  🌵 What’s funny is that two days later, Jerrod got me three more succulents for a little Easter prezi and I now have 26. Squeeeee.

– Pinterest. Are you following me yet? 


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