Adventures in Kansas City

Well hi. Long time no talk. Bet you’ve wondered where I’ve gone? You probably haven’t, but in case you have…I’ve been in Kansas City!

Yes, Kansas City, Missouri and also Kansas. “Why did you go to Kansas City, Quinn?” Oh, gee, thank you for asking!

Jerrod and I took a much needed mini vacation to eat, drink, and adventure in a new place. We picked KC because 1) we’ve never been there and 2) it looked neat and 3) food. Give us alllll the food.

Here’s a little recap of places we visited, where we ate, and what we did:

On the drive: 

Coffee & donuts from the local Grove Street Bakery – there is no better way to start your day than with a sprinkled donut and a smile from the incredibly nice women that work there.


I got this tank top for like $7 at Target and I’m kind of obsessed. Give me all the colors.


Taco Republic:


Weird salsa, watery margarita, and un-satisfying guac. Also, don’t even get me started on the tacos. Overpriced to the extreme. But…we got to sit outside and eat and it was nice and we were hungry so we ate every last bite.


I can’t even handle him. What a BABE.


Sheraton Kansas City Hotel

Rating: 5/5

Thanks to a Hotwire Hot Rate, we got to stay in this 4 star hotel with a legit view of the city. Have you ever used Hotwire? I used their Hot Rates to rent cars when I lived in California. To quickly sum it up – we were overwhelmed with where to stay in KC so when we plugged in what nights we wanted to stay, the Hotwire Hot Rate said, we’ll let you stay in a 4 star hotel for $____ (super cheap price), but we won’t tell you which hotel it is until you pay for it in full. Ooooh the mystery as you wait for the page to load. We were so, so happy with the one that was chosen for us. Not only was the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel within walking distance to downtown, but the room was remarkably clean, the service was quick, and we got an awesome view from the 28th floor. Thanks, Hotwire and Sheraton Kansas City Hotel!


Snow & Co.:

Rating: 5/5

We got a flight of frozen cocktails. Yes, that’s right – A FLIGHT OF FROZEN COCKTAILS. All was right in the world and that’s not because I had every type of liquor known to man in a short amount of time. We had the whole place to ourselves, our waitress was really friendly, and I discovered that milk in a cocktail is not, in fact, disgusting. It is actually delicious. I would absolutely go back here if it weren’t almost 6 hours away.

Two of my favorite’s –  Miss Scarlett: Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Stirrings Peach Liqueur, fresh squeezed lemon and milk & Sailor’s Gold: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Gran Gala, fresh OJ, lemon and pineapple juice



Rating: 5/5

This bar was filled with games. It was like a boozy Chucky Cheese. We had a beer while we played Mario Kart (I won, not to brag or anything…), skee ball, pinball, life-size Connect 4! It also had a really nice roof-top bar where you could sit and look at the city. We loved it and have nothing but good things to say about it.


I was Yoshi. And this is a KC Bier Company Hefeweizen. Deeeelish.






Grinder’s West:

Rating: 4/5

We went here twice. The first time, we shared a philly cheese steak. Umm why have I never had one of these before? It had freaking Cheez Whiz on it! We also had a side of homemade potato chips. Perfect combo. I also had an O’Fallon Wheach (goofy name). Peach wheat beer. A little odd.

The second time we went here, we got a pizza to go. It came with a 6 pack. The pizza was good.

It was a little expensive, but so many people told us that we had to try it, so try it twice we did.


Border Brewing Company: 

Rating: 5/5

As we were leaving Grinder’s the first time, we passed by this tiny place that looked like a bar in a garage. No joke. We walked by it, looked at each other, and turned around. BOY OH BOY are we glad we turned around. Border is a new brewery to KC and it was such a great place to spend a Saturday night. We met some new friends, had some really good beer (all brewed right there in what we thought was a garage!), and enjoyed the small town vibe it gave off. We had a flight of all the beers they had on tap. Our favorite ended up being the Radler – a combination of their “Rooftop” Red Ale and lemonade.



At this time, you’re probably wondering how we’re even still functioning. We walked almost 8 miles in between places we visited. By the end of the trip, we had literally walked a half marathon in two full days. Gotta love a walkable city.

The Filling Station:

Rating: 4/5

Delicious but reeeeaaally almost too strong-put hairs on your chest coffee. Filling croissant sandwich w/ sausage, spinach, and pepper jack cheese. I probably wouldn’t go back here, not for any particular reason, I just knew there were better coffee places out there.


O’Dowd’s Little Dublin:

Rating: 3/5

Good: rooftop bar, cold beer (it was grapefruit flavored?! refreshing!)

Not that good: the food, the prices, the vibe


Murray’s Homemade Ice Creams:

Rating: 3/5

Good: the ice cream, the ESPRESSO dipped waffle cone

Bad: the price (waaayyyy too much $$$$), the feeling in my stomach after eating it all. oopsies.



Oddly Correct:

Rating: 5/5

I had a Flat White. I had a FLAT WHITE. Flat Whites are popular in New Zealand & Australia. I also had a really delicious donut.



Jerrod’s photo is so much better than mine. Also I kind of regret not getting a chocolate donut. Guess I have to go back.

The Roasterie:

Rating: 5/5

We took a tour of The Roasterie – one of the few coffee roasters that air roasts its coffee! You can read about it here. I really love a good cup of coffee and I was spoiled living in California where all the coffee I had was amazing. The coffee in central IL? Not so good. At the Roasterie, we learned all about the process of making coffee from the where the beans are grown and dried in high altitudes of Costa Rica to air roasting it to selling it in their store and online. It was really interesting, and I think it’s so neat how literally studying coffee can be someone’s job. Jerrod and I volunteered to try “cupping” which is the tasting of coffee. It was really awesome and really eye-opening (tastebud opening?) to how coffee should taste.



I seriously cannot even fathom how Jerrod and I managed to eat so much in just a couple of days. Oh wait, yes I can because we love food. KC was an awesome place to spend a long weekend. The food was good, the city was interesting, and the weather was gorgeous!



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