Giant Rainbow Cookies

What do you like to do when it rains? Read a book? Take a nap? Go out in the rain?

It’s supposed to rain all weekend round these parts, so check your weather. If it’s rainy for you, you should most definitely not nap, please put down your book, do stay in your slippers, and hurry up already and get in the kitchen. If it isn’t supposed to rain where you live, pretend it is.


M&Ms. They are not my favorite candy, but I like them because colors. I love color. Especially neon. The day they release electric lime M&Ms will undoubtedly be the best day. Ever.

So, M&Ms in cookies. Let’s talk about it. I always, always, always choose an M&M cookie over any other kind of cookie when I have options. Panera has decent ones. That cookie place at the mall, what’s it called? Sally Fields? I kid.

Only not really because I definitely just typed in “cookie store at mall”. Mrs. Fields. That’s it. Whatever. Her cookies are ok too. Not really a big fan of the price, but I can’t be the boss of everything. Aaaand back to M&Ms.


Do I seriously need to justify M&Ms being in cookies? I think the only thing I need to do right now is stop saying M&Ms. Oh…

Giant Rainbow Cookies (this recipe is from & on How Sweet Eats)

This recipe will serve an entire office of cookie lovers OR to be exact 16-18 people (but that’s only if everyone eats 1. I’ve already eaten 3 ok 4 so.) I’m done now. Just know that there is a healthy serving of cookies.

Ingredients & directions can be found here on How Sweet Eats. This blog is all things wonderful and so are these cookies. Follow her steps exactly because the end result is so dang good, especially with a big glass of milk. Now go!



I just can’t even. Colorful dough makes me so happy. Time for another cookie.


Leaning towers of cookie dough! Literally nothing better.



Cookie comas exist, you know. But they don’t last long because you’ll remember that the sooner you snap out of it, the sooner you can just eat more cookies and go back into it.



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