I am still here. I still live. I’m still eating!

What is it about summer that makes me:

1) not want to be on or near the computer

2) eat anything besides fruit, ice cream, and cheese and crackers

3) wish I had a pool

Oh, right. Because it’s summer! Happy DAY! Besides the fact that it’s been ridiculously humid ’round these parts, I really haven’t wanted to spend much time on the computer at all. I’ve also not really had much of an appetite for anything besides what I mentioned up there, and I have pretty much lived on my back deck…sitting, reading, sipping on some frosty beers. The sweet, sweet, summahtime life.

I say I haven’t had an appetite, and that’s true…however, I’m still eating. Pinky swear it. This post is mainly just to give you some ideas of foods that I have fancied lately. The last thing I want to do is spend 2 hours in the kitchen, cooking, when I can be outside, so here are some quick and easy ideas for you!


Smoothies: Secretly Healthy Cherry Peach Smoothie, Banana, Kiwi, and Kale Smoothie, Banana-Berry Breakfast Smoothie, Berry Green Smoothie

Etc.: Waffles (I seriously LOVE my Waring Belgian Waffle Maker …thank you Mom!) with lots of fresh fruit and maple syrup. Orrrr mix it up with this easy Simple Berry Sauce that my friend introduced me too. Try it with half blueberries, half raspberries!


Quite a few people asked about the ingredients of this deliciousness the other day…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I can’t even handle this photo. I want to dive-bomb back into that lunch. What’s great is that it is SO EASY to put together. Takes about 5-7 minutes depending upon how fast of a fruit chopper you are. Ingredients are: A few scoops of plain, Greek yogurt, a small peach, a small plum, a small handful of blueberries, a kiwi, a small spoonful of flax seed, a sprinkling of almonds, a small handful of chocolate chips, and a small handful of whole wheat, fiber cereal. BOOM. Deliciousness.

Lunch is my least favorite meal but other ideas could include this delicious Healthy Chicken Salad, Chicken with Fiesta Lime Rice, and these Mediterranean/Mexican Lunch Wraps (which I ate so many of…that I’m now sick of them. Sigh)


2-Ingredient Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken is literally the world’s easiest recipe and is perfect for that Fiesta Lime Rice up there ^, One Pan Smoked Maple Bacon Pasta with 4 Cheese Sauce (I added a whole carton of buttery mushrooms…best decision everrrr) or even Broccoli-Chicken Mac & Cheese. Turkey burgers and chicken sausage are other quick dinners. I steam some broccoli, throw a little lemon and grated parmesan on top and serve that on the side.


I found some little yogurt parfaits at Aldi for super cheap, and they have little chocolate candies to sprinkle on top (this soooo brings me back to elementary school). The great thing is that they have nothing bad in them…even the candies are dyed with natural ingredients. Win win for snack time. Other snacks: pretzels, Goldfish, fruit salads (berries, kiwi, grapes)


Ugh. I made this White Sangria Sparkler for a girl’s weekend and it was amazing – bubbly, fruity, sippable, and just plain delicious. Highly recommend! I’m drinking La Croix like it’s nobody’s business – so far I’ve had passionfruit, peach-pear, lime, apricot, and mango. Mango is my favorite with passionfruit and apricot coming in next. Obsessed. I’m also making boatloads of coffee cubes and pouring unsweetened almond milk with a couple of drops of vanilla extract.

Have any easy, somewhat light ideas for me? Send ’em my way. 🙂


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