Hi, I’m Quinn and I’m a foodie! I’m at my happiest when I am in the grocery store on an empty stomach, cooking dinner in my tiny kitchen with my fiancé Jerrod, or eating cupcakes with my best friends.

I eat dessert every day, I always follow the recipe to a T when I bake, and I would rather collect kitchen utensils than shoes. I read more food blogs than I do books. I am constantly swooning over food photography, and I feel uneasy if I haven’t planned meals for the week.

Jerrod and I live in a bustling, central Illinois town that is surrounded by cornfields. If we’re not cooking, you can usually find us on walks with our dog, Massey Ferguson (yes he is named after a tractor), eating cheeseburgers at our favorite spots, or running on the bike path.

The past six years have been a mix of travel, teaching high school and college English, living and studying abroad, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts, and moving a whole bunch. Now that I’m a bit more settled and working full time, I am happy to be able to have a reason to write and blog again. You can find my previous blogs here and here and because I’m not embarrassed (okay, maybe a little), my first blog here.

Grab a mug of coffee, some sprinkled donuts, and enjoy my fascination with food!


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  1. This is so cute Quinn. I also love the grocery stores. Following!


    1. Quinn says:

      My fellow foodie! You have always been an inspiration to me especially with all your gorgeous veggie shots I remember you took years ago! Thanks for the support!


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